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Enhanced Website Maintenance Ensuring Peak Performance

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When it comes to website maintenance, eCommGenie is your trusted partner for crafting the perfect solution to ensure your site runs seamlessly. Our design and development experts collaborate to provide comprehensive website maintenance services, including updates for site design, domain registrations, and SEO.

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Explore a few of our Featured Projects to see how our digital advertising agency has driven growth and boosted bottom-line revenue for numerous clients.

Our Approach

Comprehensive Solutions for Website Maintenance

Websites are essential and need ongoing maintenance to perform at their best. Our customized plans include performance improvements, product and pricing updates, site redesigns, and more. We ensure your website reflects your organization’s values while maintaining peak functionality, embodying our holistic approach to branding and maintenance.

What we provide

As a Website Maintenance Agency, eCommGenie ensures your site stays secure, functional, and up-to-date. We provide regular updates for software, security monitoring, and performance optimization. We handle backups, content updates, and SEO maintenance. We fix bugs, ensure uptime, and provide analytics reports. We also ensure browser compatibility and optimize the database, enhancing the user experience based on feedback and data.

Comprehensive Website Maintenance

We provide top-tier website support and maintenance services. Our plans cover essential updates for business-critical components, WordPress, plugins, servers, and more.

Design Enhancements & Ongoing Support

Unique to eCommGenie, we offer comprehensive design options as part of our ongoing maintenance, including sitewide page or navigation redesigns, video production, and new content creation.


SEO is vital for improving your site’s Google rankings. Our maintenance includes adjustments based on SEO trends, optimizing site responsiveness and speed, and fixing broken links.


Our e-commerce experts assist with updating, adding, and deleting products, adjusting pricing and images, and ensuring your products are SEO-optimized.


Promotions and sales are key to ecommerce. We help keep your site up-to-date with upcoming discounts, bundles, shipping promos, and short-term pricing changes.


Keeping a secure, fully registered domain and current security certificate ensures your site remains accessible to all customers. Don’t let important renewal dates slip by!

Did you know?


of companies

see an improvement in their website’s performance and user engagement after implementing regular maintenance.


of users

are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience, highlighting the need for continuous optimization.


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are design-related, emphasizing the importance of regular updates and maintenance.

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User-Focused Website Maintenance for Optimal Engagement

We believe that effective website maintenance is key to ensuring your website’s success. Every decision and recommendation we make focuses on your users’ needs. What are they looking for? How can we maintain your website to make it easier for them to do business with you? By prioritizing user experience in our maintenance services, we help keep your website functional, relevant, and user-friendly.


At eCommGenie, our dedicated website maintenance experts ensure your site runs smoothly and efficiently. Our services focus on enhancing performance, increasing security, and boosting search engine rankings. By implementing measurable benchmarks, we enable you to monitor and assess the effectiveness of our maintenance efforts, ensuring your website consistently delivers optimal results.

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Increase in Site Reliability

Regular website maintenance ensures that your site is 90% more reliable and less prone to downtime.

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Boost in Customer Trust

80% of users are more likely to trust a website that is well-maintained and up-to-date.

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Improvement in Site Performance

Consistent maintenance can lead to a 70% improvement in your website’s overall performance and speed.

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Reduction in Security Vulnerabilities

Effective maintenance reduces security risks by 65%, keeping your site and user data safe.

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Increase in Search Engine Rankings

Regular updates and SEO optimization can result in a 75% improvement in search engine rankings.

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Boost in Conversion Rates

A properly maintained site can lead to a 60% increase in conversion rates, turning more visitors into customers.

Why clients choose us!


Rely on our web maintenance services to keep your website running smoothly and looking amazing at all times.


You’ve invested in a stunning, feature-rich website; safeguard that investment with our website maintenance packages.


Concerns about hackers, security breaches, and vulnerabilities can be stressful. With our comprehensive web maintenance services, you can relax knowing your site is secure.


Considering the costs of website upkeep, eCommGenie’s all-inclusive maintenance and support plans offer excellent value.


A great website needs strong SEO to be found. Our support team ensures your site ranks well whenever it matters.


For e-commerce or catalog sites, product updates are essential. We assist with adding, removing, or updating products and pricing efficiently.

Choosing eCommGenie as your website maintenance agency can significantly enhance your brand’s impact and ensure sustained business growth.

What is included in your website maintenance services?

Our services include regular updates, security monitoring, performance optimization, backups, content updates, SEO maintenance, bug fixes, uptime monitoring, analytics reporting, and database optimization.

How often will my website be updated?

The frequency of updates depends on your specific needs and the chosen maintenance plan. Typically, we perform updates on a monthly or bi-weekly basis.

Why is website maintenance important?

Regular maintenance ensures your website remains secure, functional, and up-to-date, preventing potential issues like security breaches, slow performance, and outdated content.

Do you provide emergency support?

Yes, we offer emergency support for critical issues that require immediate attention to minimize downtime and maintain site functionality.

Can you help with content updates?

Absolutely! We assist with adding, modifying, or deleting website content, including text, images, videos, and other media.

How do you ensure my website is secure?

We conduct regular security scans, update security certificates, monitor for malware, and implement best practices to protect your website from hacking attempts.

What happens if my website goes down?

We monitor your website's uptime and are alerted immediately if your site goes down, allowing us to respond quickly and restore functionality.

How do you measure website performance?

We use analytics tools to monitor site speed, user behavior, traffic patterns, and other performance metrics, providing regular reports to keep you informed.

Do you offer SEO services as part of maintenance?

Yes, our maintenance services include SEO optimization, such as updating meta tags, optimizing keywords, and ensuring proper indexing by search engines.

Can you manage my website’s domain and hosting?

Yes, we handle domain registration, renewal, and hosting management, ensuring your site remains accessible and secure with up-to-date certificates.

Is a website maintenance contract necessary?

Website maintenance is essential for all types of websites, regardless of their features. Regular updates and maintenance are crucial to keep your site relevant and reflective of your business. Without proper upkeep, your website can quickly lose visitors and negatively impact your digital brand image.

Do smaller sites need a website maintenance plan?

Yes, every website benefits from a maintenance plan, regardless of size. While larger sites may have more complex needs, even small websites require regular updates and maintenance to ensure scripts & software are up-to-date and data backups are reliable.

Can regular website maintenance boost my search engine rankings?

Absolutely. Consistent and relevant maintenance can improve your website's position in search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engines favor sites with updated content, images, and links. Increased visitor traffic also helps enhance your site's ranking and visibility.

Do you maintain websites not hosted by your service?

Yes, we do. We offer maintenance services for websites we don't host. Contact us for a site review to determine if we can maintain your site to our high standards.


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